My name is Paul Rodarte a Professional Photographer.

The three magical principles of photography are:

Lines, Light and Color.

The inspiration to capture the beauty in the world and use of three principles has promoted me begin the photography sole proprietorships of Staellites2images and Generations Photography.

Satellites2Images focus is Special event Photography capturing the connection made between human being doing what they love. The Special events have included 4-day conventions, Weddings, community and state parades, Mexican Rode’s, Cinco de Mayo celebrations and First Nations Pow Wow’s.

I have been honored to photograph four-day conventions for the Native Indian Education Association in convention centers in Phoenix, AZ, Denver, CO, Seattle WA, Anchorage AK, Honolulu HI, Milwaukie WI.

The City and states locations for Weddings, community and state Parades, Mexican Rode’s, Cinco de Mayo Celebration’s and First Nations Pow Wow’s were Washington DC, Denver CO, Pueblo CO, Orange, CA, Leadville CO.  

Generations Photography is the new addition to providing a Professional Photography service and is dedicated to Portrait Photography.  The Branding is to capture those special emotions that Grandparents and Grandchildren have for each other.  I am very intrigued how Grandparent and Grandchildren are eager to share their Photographs with the other.  Satelite2iamges images can be seem at and Generations Photography images can be seen at

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