Winter brings with it a distinct beauty worth pausing to appreciate, from the snowy to the spontaneous (and taking out our cameras). However, the season brings with it a distinct set of hurdles to overcome with each outing: monochromatic tones, fussy lighting, and, of course, Mother Nature’s trickery.

Winter is a great time to get outside and work on your photography portfolio. Even familiar surroundings may take on an altogether new perspective when the ground is blanketed in white, and there are several possibilities to snap interesting photographs. Winter does, however, provide several obstacles that photographers aren’t faced with during other seasons.

Getting your settings exactly right is one of the most difficult elements of winter photography. In the winter, experimenting with your camera’s exposure may be a fun way to learn how to use manual settings.

Exposure is a skill that should be developed. Using auto-exposure on your camera might result in some disappointingly tonally drab or dreary images. So just add positive compensation to avoid underexposure.


  • Take spare batteries (and keep them warm!)
  • Don’t freeze your nose to your camera.
  • Wear good gloves.
  • Use Heat Packs.
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